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Lake Jocassee

The State of South Carolina and Duke Power created this reservoir in 1973 by impounding the waters from four rivers -- Whitewater, Thompson, Horsepasture, and Toxaway. The waters from Lake Jocassee flow into the Keowee River before it forms Lake Keowee. This popular recreation area contains little development along its 75 miles of shoreline, and anglers can capture trout here, as well as bass and other native species. Located near a state park and the towns of Walhalla and Clemson, visitors can enjoy city life as well as a vast rural environment.

Visitors to this lake can enjoy sight-seeing, boating, paddling, scuba diving, hiking, hunting, waterfall tours, and some of the best fishing in the entire state.


With cold, clear waters and a depth of up to 351 feet, it's no surprise that this lake holds state records for five fish species. In 2001, three records were recorded, including a nine-pound, seven-ounce smallmouth bass in 2001, an eight-pound, five-ounce spotted bass, and a five-pound 2.5-ounce redeye bass. In 1987, a 17-pound, 9.5-ounce brown trout made the record books, and an eleven-pound, five-ounce rainbow trout was snagged in 1993.

Duke Energy consistently stocked brown and rainbow trout and smallmouth bass from 2001 to 2008. No fish attractors have been established, and a fishing loaner tackle program does not exist for this lake.


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    Lake Jocassee South Carolina Coordinates:
34.9600N -82.9194W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
7,565 acres
Maximum Depth:
351 ft
1,100 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
Over 3 ft
Major City:


Devils Fork State Park provides the only public access point to the lake, and the only way campers can reach the Double Springs Camp Area in Oconee County near the Pickens County line is by boat. This ramp, as well as three other ramps, are all located in Oconee County.


Devils Fork State Park provides overnight camping and villas for guests who want to stay at the north end of Lake Jocassee near the North Carolina state line. Table Rock State Park also has accommodations, and it is located to the east by about 26 miles. However, with mountainous roads, the travel to that park can take over an hour. Both Oconee and Pickens Counties contain accommodations that range from more camping areas to hotels, B&Bs, and resorts.

Review the Lake Resource Guide for additional lodging.


Lake Jocassee extends over Oconee and Pickens Counties, and is located in far northwest South Carolina near the North Carolina border. The lake is surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest to the north and west, and by the Jocassee Gorges management Area to the east. The closest towns include Walhalla, Seneca, Clemson, Central, and Pickens, and the closest airport is located in Greenville, which is located approximately two hours from the lake. A private airport is located in Pickens County.

Review the Lake Resource Guide for additional lodging.

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