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The lakes and waterways in North Carolina offer residents many resources for boating, fishing and relaxation. LakeBrowser provides information on boating, fishing, weather, community, lodging, events and more including our Lake Resource Guide. Use the Lake Resource Guide to search for resources around North Carolina waterways or the nation's waterways.
Boating in the state of North Carolina is under the control of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. If you under 26 years of age, you must attend and pass an approved boating safety education course and carry your boating safety education certificate.
We have put together these resources for North Carolina boaters. Please click on the links below for additional information.
Boating Courses NC Equipment Requirements NC
Boating Registration NC Boating License NC
A fishing license is required. North Carolina offers a short term 10 day and annual license for Resident and Nonresident. There are seperate license for Inland and Coastal fishing. In addition to the short term and annual license, North Carolina offers a Lifetime License, Privilege License, Senior License, and Disable License. Fishing licenses are available from various outlets including online. For more information on fishing in North Carolina please visit North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.