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Missouri Boating Registration

All motorized vessels, including Documented Vessels and those powered by electric trolling motors are required to be registered in the state of Missouri. If your boat must be registered, it must also have a certificate of title. A title is your proof of ownership.


  • Non-motorized vessels
  • Sailboats less than 12' long
  • Vessels that are registered in another state and are operated on Missouri waters for 60 consecutive days or less

Boat Classifications

Your boat's classification is determined by its length and type of propulsion. The class will determine applicable laws, required equipment and the registration fees you will pay upon initial registration and at renewal.

To find your boat's length, measure the straight line distance from the foremost part of the boat (bow) to the rearmost part of the boat (stern), excluding any protruding attachments. Your measurement must be exact.

Missouri Boat Registration and Title Fees:

In Missouri, boat owners must pay a one-time title fee, and a registration fee must be paid by June 30 every three years. In addition, you must submit a paid personal property tax receipt or a statement of non-assessment from the previous year when registering your vessel

Watercraft Registration
Class A Vessels (less than 16’ long)$25.00
Class 1 Vessels (16’ to less than 25’ 11" long)$55.00
Class 2 Vessels (26’ to less than 39’ 11" long)$100.00
Class 3 Vessels (over 40’ long)$150.00
Registration Processing Fee$3.50

Watercraft Titling
New Vessel Title $7.50
Transfer Vessel Title$7.50
Transfer Motor Title$5.00
Duplicate Vessel Title$8.50
Duplicate Motor Title$5.00
Title Processing Fee$2.50

Outboard Motor Registration & Titling
New Outboard Motor Title$5.00
Outboard Motor Registration$2.00

Registering and Titling Outboard Motors

Outboard motors, regardless of horsepower (excluding electric trolling motors), are required to have a Certificate of Title and to be registered with the State of Missouri.

  • Application for a title and for registration must be made within 60 days of purchase or of entry into the state.
  • The registration and title of a motor is permanent as long as ownership is not changed.
  • Owners of registered motors are issued a motor registration decal which should be displayed on the left side of the outboard motor.

The above costs do not include property taxes or any other applicable charges.

Where to Register and Title Your Boat & Motor

Registration and title applications are available here.

For more information or forms, call the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-751-4509.

Once a proper application is submitted with the required fee to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
Boat Titling and Registration
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

you will receive a Certificate of Registration and two validation decals. The Certificate of Registration must be carried on board when boat is in use. The validation decals must be affixed to the boat. See below for placement instructions.

Numbering Your Vessel

Once your boat has been assigned a registration number and decals, you must display them on your boat correctly. The registration number must be displayed on each side of the bow, read from left to right and in a position to be distinctly visible. The letters and numbers must be of a plain BLOCK design, at least three (3) inches tall and of a color that contrasts to the color of the hull. There must be a two (2) inch space between the letter and number groups:
Correct: MO 1234 YZ or MO-1234-YZ
Incorrect: MO1234YZ

Validation decals are to be placed on both sides of the bow, under the center of the registration number.

Upon renewal every three years, you must remove your old excise tax decals and affix the current ones in their place.

Home-Built Vessels

Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) are the same as Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) used to identify individual automobiles.

Before you can register your homemade boat, you must first apply for a Hull Identification Number with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). Submit your application with the proper fees ad mail to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
Boat Titling and Registration
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

How to Renew Your Boat Registration

Missouri boat registrations must be renewed every third year. You will receive a reminder by mail approximately 30 days before your deadline.

Renew By Mail

Send your original registration along with your payment to the address listed. Your renewed Certificate of Registration should be returned to you within ten days. 

Missouri Department of Revenue
Boat Titling and Registration
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

Replace Lost Registration

If you have lost your registration, decals or title you can order duplicate by submitting the proper application and processing fee to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
Boat Titling and Registration
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

Reporting Changes

If your name or address changes or if there is a change in boat ownership, whereabouts or seaworthiness, you are required to notify the Missouri DOR within 15 days of the change.